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Thaivisa.go.th invalid purpose of visit /visa type

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Hi there I’m going to be applyIng for a visa on thaivisa.go.th 


on step 2 where you select the purpose of visit what ever option you choose a box pops up saying “Invalid purpose of visit / visa type” 


but will still let you continue with the application 


I know the visa I’m applying for is included in the groups of people that are currently Aloud in so not sure weather to ignore it or weather it will result in an automatic refusal after iv payed ect

iv tried ringing the embassy and stuff but can never get through 


anyone else getting this or thoughts please? Thanks  

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Posted (edited)

Looking at the London Thai embassy, web page it seems if you are one of the groups allowed in but don't have a visa you apply through the embassy at the same time as appliying for COE.


If your visa has expired or you do not have visa, you have to apply for both the Certificatea of Entry and visa at the same time.





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Are you sure the URL thaivisa.go.th is correct?



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