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It is my understanding that a visa is a document pertaining to the " Permission to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand".

Based on the attached excerpt from the Royal Gazette the permission to stay has been extended till September 26.

Does that mean that even though my Non Immigrant O (marriage) visa expired in May 2020 it is technically still valid until September 26 ?

The reason for my question is I would like to obtain a Work Permit immediately but to be able to apply I need a valid visa.

Changing to a Non Immigrant B is an option but in info provided by Ubonjoe you must apply at least 15 days before visa expiration.

Am I just " clutching at straws" ?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Permission of stay.jpeg

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There is constant confusion (often propagated by immigration themselves) over visas and permissions to stay. A visa is only relevant at the time you are entering Thailand. It determines the length and type of the permission to stay you are granted on entry. After this, the visa is totally irrelevant.


If you were legally in Thailand, with a permission to stay until date of March 26th or later, then you are covered by the special extension to your permission to stay through September 26th.


Whether you will be able to change the type of entry will depend on your immigration office, and instructions from regional headquarters that they operate under. Similarly, you ought to be able to apply for a work permit under your Non Immigrant entry from the Non O visa. However, some labour offices will baulk at approving this.

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Thank you for the prompt response BritTim.

I live in remote NE Thailand so might have to ask a few agents to investigate with their local labour offices.

If the proposed job is in Rayong would that mean I would have to obtain a WP at the nearest Labour Dept office to there or where I actually live ?

If yes to Rayong, can anyone recommend an agent in that vicinity ?



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