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Girl, 4, bitten by snake in Bangkok condo toilet

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Girl, 4, bitten by snake in Bangkok condo toilet

By The Nation




The resident of a Bangkok condominium has described how her four-year-old daughter survived a bite from a snake while sitting on the toilet, proving that nowhere is safe from reptiles that lurk in Thailand’s sewers.


Facebook user Audy Punnada Leung-Aram warned other parents after reporting the horrifying incident at her condominium near Onnut BTS Skytrain Station on August 1.


At about 5am, the mother took the girl the toilet and placed her on the seat. As she was lifting her off, a snake struck out from the bowl and bit the child on her bottom before disappearing back down the pipe.


Alerted by his wife’s screams, the husband ran to the toilet and attempted to suck the venom from the child’s wound.


The parents then rushed the child to hospital, where doctors confirmed there was no venom in the wound. However, the incident left the girl traumatised and in fear of going to the toilet.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30392610



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-08-07
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It's not HILARIOUS.  Surely, you do not have children. 


Hilarious??? What are you a sociopath?

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14 hours ago, xtof2 said:

I am sure it is a farang snake.

A Thai one would never do that!


I think it was a Thai snake, they bite each other regularly! 🐍

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Because of this story and others, I always have a look into the bowl before settling down to park a turd in the toilet. When it comes to a face-off between the snake in the toilet, and the snake in my trousers, I know which one is going to win. 🙂

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I remember stories of teens flushing cherry bombs (equal to about 1/4 stick of dynamite) down school toilets for a laugh. Flushing one onto that snake would be a real laugh, if the pipes weren't blown apart.

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17 minutes ago, scorecard said:

So do snakes regularly live long-term inside closed drain pipe systems?

No, but they are good swimmers and can hold their breath for a considerable amount of time. They mostly follow rats into the sewers, and on a ground floor there is not always a lot of distance between the sewer and your throne.

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