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Wellness/medical visa supporting facilities

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Please is there a list of hospitals being part of this wellness/medical visa scheme?

A friend asked at St. Louis, and he was told they have applied to join.

I cannot contact them from outside Thailand by email. Mails get returned. 

Thai Embassy in Vienna has no special requirement info for this visa type. They just gave me the usual link for entry application. The website lists no special info either.

Not sure how to tackle the issue.

Hospital quarantine etc. won't be a problem for me.


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Another thread started earlier in the week: 

The information that the hospital gave me was that patients from only 3 countries are currently allowed. This is also stated officially here: 




"The Ministry of Public Health tightened quarantine measures in alternative hospital quarantine facilities for Thai patients and foreigners including their caretakers for continuous care groups, patients requiring specialty care, and patients who had appointments. Non-COVID-19 patients from three low-risk countries of COVID-19 including the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Cambodia are required to present COVID-19-free health certificates issued no more than 72 hours before their flight departs and they have to be rechecked three times while hospitalized for 14 days. The hospital will issue COVID-19 free certificates then they can continue traveling as planned. There are 124 hospitals and clinics available."



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