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3 hours ago, Peter Denis said:

Some overall health-insurance policies also provide covid-19 coverage.

And you can buy relatively cheap specific covid-19 insurance when in Thailand.


I am residing in Thailand and my long-term travel-insurance policy does NOT cover it.

But I do not see the necessity for subscribing to such a policy given the fact that Thailand is virtually covid-free.  Of course everybody is free to subscribe to such covid-19 insurance if they think it useful for their situation.


Thailand is covid free for now. Many places that were covid free not too long ago are not covid free now.


I had to get the insurance to get back in. I did consider cancelling it after a few months and getting a pro rata refund. However, on balance, I decided just to keep it. Better have it than not - and you just don't know when covid will start to rip through Thailand. It could be any day now and better be covered than not.


I see no particular problem with this Thai govt requirement. You can try and fault it but many govt's have made an absolute mess of their covid response.

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Immigration do not issue Retirement or Marriage Visas. They issue annual extensions of your permission of stay (permits) which your renew each year, based on retirement or Thai family.  

If it was necessary to leave the country and you are married to a Thai you could apply for a certificate of entry at this time. You would need covid 19 insurance, a covid test 72 hours before arrival,

In the future I'm sure this requirement will be relaxed but for the time being if your in Thailand just renew your extension again for the time being. There are many of us in the same position, c

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