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would you move to Thailand?

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Good Morning.
I am after a little advice please
I lived in Thailand about 14 years ago, and it has always been my dream to retire there. Im now 53 and will take an early retirement in 2 years time.
I was wondering if you would recommend retiring in Thailand now but scouring the internet there seem to be so many negative comments regarding visa/ Thai people etc. with coronavirus thats about all I can do at the moment.
Has Thailand changed so drastically in a negative way over the years or is it still a wonderful beautiful place to live?

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11 minutes ago, Pilotman said:

Just to add balance OP, I would do none of the things listed above by BritManToo.  I told you; you will not get any useful information here. We on TVF constantly spend our time contradicting each other and rubbishing each other's opinions. After all, that's what forums are for.   It's quite fun, but not very informative. 

Totally agreed with Pilotman.

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