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would you move to Thailand?

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I am also asking the same question but I am younger and not near retirement yet, If i could earn the same money as I do in my home country I would move back, Europe is a good healthy place to live but I am a bit bored (Work) now been back 5 years, but I may get frustrated with Thai services at the start like Internet, banking & being a Farang again, tbh cant beat being a citizen.   


You will be retired, i would recommend traveling around S.E.A, I bet something will happen and you will find your answer 🙂

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On 8/8/2020 at 10:51 PM, Clive said:

Has Thailand changed so drastically in a negative way over the years or is it still a wonderful beautiful place to live?


If I was going to spend most of my time with foreigners / in places where foreigners make up the vast majority of customers, then I would not move to Thailand.


If I was going to lead a Thai lifestyle, spending most of my time with Thai people and I genuinely wanted to do that and was willing to embrace all that is good about Thailand then I would move to Thailand in a heartbeat.




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