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Nissan Navara whats wrong with it?

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Im looking round for a new second hand  pick up, no more than 1  year  old ,  low  miles etc, Ive noticed Navaras are damn cheap especially the Black Edition King cab thats the 1.5  door  models which Im after.

420k -450k baht  get s you a 500-4000km example, its due an update but that aside any reason they are so cheap?, doesnt seem too  popular but see many about, bit dated inside but  looks  pretty  good  outside still.

https://www.one2car.com/en/cars-for-sale/nissan/np-300-navara/KING CAB/2-5-calibre-e-black-edition

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There's nothing wrong with them. I have a friend who has a 4 door had it for 4+ years. Had one small problem with that, it had a fuel filter block. Must have got some <deleted> fuel. I have driven it several times I don't like the Drivers seat but that's me. But other than that their fine.


I think the reason their cheap is because Thai's prefer Toyota or other makes. But if you can get one that you like cheap go for it.     

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Nothing wrong with them.  The same platform is sold as the Mercedes X-Class pickup (with MB engines).


The Nissan engines are of a rather dated design but they are solid and well-proven. 

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