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holy cow cm

CM Muang Thai Marathon same same as Bangkok Marathon

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12 hours ago, Trujillo said:

The four new cases (in New Zealand of unknown origin) are all members of a single family. None had traveled overseas recently.'

There is certainly more there than is being reported. More to the point is who they were in contact with.

All one family.  You're right, it is off-topic, but...

The father works at a cold store, they are currently testing frozen items that have been imported. 4 close contacts (including 2 more workers at the cold store) showing flu-like symptoms are isolating waiting for test results.  China has reported live virus being on the packaging of frozen Norwegian Salmon, and many believe the mini-outbreak in Beijing last month was from such a case (they looked at that immediately, said it was the source, then changed their minds and said it wasn't.  It has since been separately reported as being detected on frozen plastic packaging elsewhere in China and scientists have confirmed how well it survives being frozen).


This has just reminded me that the cold weather is coming to western countries in the northern hemisphere - ideal conditions for the virus is 5 degrees celsius (which coincidentally is the operating temperature of abattoirs, thousands of which have had outbreaks\clusters in pretty much every country around the world).  I really hope I'm wrong, but the numbers in EU and US could get pretty ugly.


BTW - I agree with you on the masks being superfluous if there really are zero cases in the wild here, I only wear mine because of the 'dirty Farang' label that was pinned on us and my desire to prove them wrong, but like pretty much everyone else I see now, I only half wear it.  Also,  to get back onto the OT. I should say that I don't feel as though people are treating me any differently, but it's always a bit hard to tell with Thai's even when they're not wearing masks.  I had hoped that the lack of tourists through border closures would make them realise the contribution that expats make to the local economies, but that doesn't seem to be happening in the slightest.  

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