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No merit for generals' karma?

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    "Merit making can also have political consequences. In 2007 monks in Myanmar took part in protests against the government that started with complaints against a spike in oil prices but quickly took on more overtly political overtones. This “Saffron Revolution,” so-called because of the role played by the saffron-colored robes of the monks, was triggered when monks on their morning alms rounds turned over their bowls.
    "This act, while not common, has a long history in Theravada Buddhism. The early 20th-century supreme patriarch of Thailand, Prince Wachirayan, wrote that this was a way that Theravada monks can rebuke laypeople for improper actions that threaten either the teachings of the Buddha or the monastic community. In effect, it meant that the military rulers and their families could not make merit."
    Source: “Why Buddhist monks collect alms and visit households even in times of social distancing” https://theconversation.com/why-buddhist-monks-collect-alms-and-visit-households-even-in-times-of-social-distancing-128452.


If Thai monks accept offerings from military leaders (even perhaps soldiers), it violates the precept of nonviolence. I guess that means no merit for the honchos here, eh!

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Discussion of a political nature is not allowed in the general forum.


From the notice pinned in this forum:


Policy In General Regarding Thailand Election/Political Discussions

As a result of the great increase in posts about politics in Thailand, we are requesting that members keep political discussion confined to threads already open in the Thailand News Forum.

Non-political topics in "General" which are hijacked with political arguments will see posts removed without further notice.

Members who cannot comply with our request will risk a posting suspension.

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