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UK COVID-19 daily death count could be scrapped: Telegraph

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1 minute ago, Chomper Higgot said:

You missed the bit about the intent to stop reporting the data.


Don't worry you can find that on CNN 24/7 a day. 

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32 minutes ago, Logosone said:

Well done UK government.



Healthy common sense would tell you this is nonsense. In Germany it is exactly the same, anyone tested with the virus who dies, of whatever cause, is counted as having died of Covid19. Clearly this overinflates the numbers.


They count very differently in places like Thailand, which goes someway to explain the great discrepancy in numbers.


It is good that the UK government is reviewing this. Good job.

i have to agree with you on this one, it takes a great man to snap out of it

and admit his modus operandi was a fallacy

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