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Lack of foreign tourists having devastating impact on Chiang Mai tourism

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 Lack of foreign tourists having devastating impact on Chiang Mai tourism




Chiang Mai News reported on tourism at the weekend - or more accurately the almost complete lack of it. 


There may have been some Thais but everyone was missing the foreign tourists.


The message was that Thais are one tourism animal - foreign tourists quite another. 


There were some tourists at the national parks, said the media; these were clearly Thais. 



Picture: Chiang Mai News


Downtown they spotted a few visitors cycling around and milling about at the Tha Pae gate. 


But most said they were from neighboring provinces and were there to register their children for university. They would take a few pictures, perhaps buy the odd souvenir then be on their way home.


Hoteliers painted a grim picture with businesses still shuttered or for sale signs going up. 



Picture: Chiang Mai News


Private buildings that had registered several years ago to accommodate Chinese tourists were mostly going bust because their source of income had totally dried up. 


Lack of foreign tourists has destroyed the tourism economy and Thais just don't cut the mustard. 


Their headline from their Sunday report said it all: Even the weekends are not okay.


Source: Chiang Mai News




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I have never understood the enjoyment of sitting on sand and looking at water 


Its also not just the Thais who earn a living from the tourist industry that are affected . Those that usually earn money from the tourist industry are not spending that money in the local econom

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3 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:


Yes.  And the Thais with the most money, Bankonians, can drive in  few hours to the beach resorts.  Why go through the hassle of a flight to CM to be land locked and bored?  They obviously are not.

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