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Discovery of 400ft 'ice ship' on Google Earth sparks conspiracy theories

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A frozen formation spotted among icebergs between New Zealand and Antarctica appearing to resemble a ship has been shared on YouTube, sparking conspiracy theories from viewers.


A Google Earth user who spotted a 428ft 'ice ship' trapped 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica has sparked conspiracy theories of a 'cover up'.


YouTuber MrMBB333, who refers to himself as the 'Earth Watchman', posts videos on 'changes' in the universe and what he believes is causing them.


One of his viewers sent in the coordinates of an area laying between Antarctica and New Zealand, where they claim to have found a huge ship frozen between icebergs.


As he zooms in on the map in a 3D view, one of the areas of ice begins to resemble the shape of a ship, appearing to show a hull, main deck area and chimneys above.


If it really is a ship as many others believe, it would mean it has been turned onto its side in the water surrounded by huge formations of ice - and sizing up at 428ft using the Google Earth measuring tool, it would take a monumental effort to free it.


Inspecting the discovery, MrMBB333 comments: "It looks like the outline of a ship, and this one here measures over 400ft long.


"Whatever that is, it looks like a ship, an ice ship, whatever you want to call it. That's what it looks like.


"A 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica right in this area here, just beneath New Zealand."


Some viewers believe the continent holds secrets being kept from us, as one wrote: "I want to why politicians, old astronauts, and religious leaders were invited to Antarctica and the whole world still doesn't know. Makes me ANGRY!"


Another accused government agencies of covering up knowledge of extra-terrestrial life, commenting: "Their arrogance will eventually be their downfall when the aliens themselves decide to reveal themselves without any approvals from world governments."

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It's the hideout of the space aliens who are bringing the demon semen to planet Earth.  What else could it be?


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Posted (edited)

Ranks right up there with Rosalie Lawson's Sour cream and Onion potato chip. People see what they want to see and if they are mentally unbalanced or looking to manipulate, they will see  incredible things.



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