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Transcript of the conversation seeking ฿5m kickback from Ground Water Resources Department

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Mr. Ruangkrai Likitwattana, a member of the House Budget Scrutiny Committee, said he disagrees with the committee itself investigating the subcommittee, fearing that it will just be a whitewash.

Unfortunately he is probably right....

Even on tape or video, the perpetrator gets away if he has influence or money. TiT....




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corruption... well, who has not have doubts of the CEO of kasi that leaves his job to become finance minister ?

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

MP: “If no, the 1.2 billion baht for artesian well projects in the Northeast will be cut.”

Sakda: “No!”

MP: “Then just 5.”

Sakda: “5% of 1.2 billion is 60 million baht”

MP: “No. It means 5 million baht.”

Sakda: “Where can I get the money?”

MP: “From the contractors!”

Similar to hundreds of conversations made on a daily basis.

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