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Speed Camera on Hwy 23 Between Ubon and Yasothon

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On 8/13/2020 at 8:13 AM, Farma said:

Mrs Farma got a 500 Baht letter in the mail 2 days ago for running an Amber light on the Ubon ring road/Yasothon intersection. It shows the car about 4 car lengths before going through the amber light and the car 3 car lengths past light red on the other side. 

Now you mention it - been there (exactly there) done that - same same, I was clearly going through on amber. Friends/family told me I wouldn't get out of it by complaining. Not sure I ever paid that particular fine 🙂

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Yep. Last Friday morning was nabbed, northbound but the same spot as Santi, ie Highway 23 near Yasothon. The letter arrived by registered mail which was a first. 
I’ll see how many others I get for the complete trip to and from Udon before I decide which I pay !!!

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