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Family of six have a brilliant neighbor to thank for helping them escape house fire

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Family of six have a brilliant neighbor to thank for helping them escape house fire



Picture: Sanook


Thai media Sanook praised a wonderful next door neighbor for helping save a family of six people from a house fire in Hua Ro sub-district of Phitsanulok in northern Thailand late last night. 


Four people at the scene suffered burns to their arms and bodies but firefighters put the flames out within 30 minutes after they arrived around midnight. 


One of the occupants of the house, Aranthida, said that they were a family of chicken traders who had arrived back home from the market and retired to bed. 


They smelled smoke and four members of the family tried to get down the stairs but the staircase was already ablaze.She was upstairs with her three year old son. 


This is when the door neighbor Thanakorn comes into the story. 


He said he was not yet asleep and smelled smoke from next door. He shouted to the occupants to get out but they were unable to do so. 


Fortunately an awning from his property adjoined his neighbors and he was able to climb across and help get them all out to his house via the windows. 


Fire and rescue services were then called. 


Police believe the fire originated via a short circuit from a plug underneath the staircase. 


Picture: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-08-11
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No security bars on the windows so that was a bit of luck.. I often see these fitted and wonder who the hell would lock themselves into a potential death trap if there was ever a fire.

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