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Jonathan Fairfield

Interview with the British Embassy Consular Team in Thailand - August 2020

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19 minutes ago, Dogmatix said:

It’s positive that the consular team is willing to to do this.


It’s a surprisingly small team with only only two accredited British diplomats. The Americans have loads of accredited US diplomats in their consular section.


They have given Nokkie a ridiculous title, “Head of Prevention and Engagement”. What is that supposed to mean?

The statement about the pension letters is absurd. Thai Immigration knew perfectly well that foreign consulates were only witnessing affidavits on the basis that it is a criminal offence in British law to someone to ask them to witness a false statement. When Immigration tried to tell them they felt they should be verifying the pensions, which is absurd, they should have stood their ground and told them they would continue to do what is possible and practical under UK law. Then it would have been up to Immigration to decide whether they would continue to accept the letters or not. They seem to still accept letters done in the same basis by other consulates. In line with FCO policy the British consulate merely seized an opportunity to reduce the services they provide to British nationals closer to zero.


Totally agree again!

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