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Husband discovers wife's affair after spotting her in the act on Google Maps

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When Google Maps launched back in 2005, it made the world a far smaller place.


The tool allows users to visit almost any location on earth at ground level - although we almost invariably end up heading straight to our own home.


It also captures images of people going about their daily lives, resulting in some hilarious photo fails and a few suspicious scenes, as reported by the Express.


But one man was left heartbroken when the Street View tool captured his wife with another man and exposed her affair.


The images, which went viral on Facebook, shows a row of benches on a pedestrianised path in Lima, the capital city of Peru.


Sat on one of the benches is a woman wearing a black top and white shirt, with a man in a white jumper laid with his head in her lap.


His face is obscured from view and the woman has been blurred out, which is standard practice on Google Maps to protect people's privacy.


But it wasn't enough to stop the woman's husband from recognising her when he stumbled across the scene back in 2013, spotting her familiar outfit as he explored the streets.


The husband reportedly confronted his wife over what he had seen and she admitted the affair before the couple later divorced.



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Spy satellites can read newsprint. Facial recognition software can id one out of a billion.


If you really want to do it without anyone knowing, do it under a tree on a deserted island.

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1 hour ago, Meat Pie 47 said:

That is news?


Maybe in 2013...  Today, it's just clickbait. 


Still a good cautionary tale.  Mind your P's and Q's when you see that Google car come by with all the cameras on it...


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