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Pattaya: Motorcycle taxi rider relied on foreign tourists - now he has nothing

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Sometimes we select one, or a group, as representative of others as well. We don't really have space to tell all the stories of millions of others. Yet sitting out all day in the same spot, barely sha

Motorcycle taxi rider scammed foreign tourists - now he has nothing, fixed it for him

And all the others can't work?

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A great example of evolution. Here is a motorcycle man living life to full on farangs who use him and like an animal's prey keeps him alive. Now coronavirus has altered his environment and habitat and the faring that was his 'prey' and kept him alive has disappeared suddenly. He has to change or evolve or die off. So he can move (probably not feasible), change to driving a taxi perhaps or get a job driving a bus or truck (if he has the right licences) or move into another field that doesn't require farangs like temple building.

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16 minutes ago, BigStar said:

And so coronavirus altered the environment and habitat of TVF posters. As they were forced to stay inside more often, they needed to exercise their fingers more to keep active, lest the ol' ticker give out. So they now found him to prey upon. Now they're able to get in the needed time pecking at their keyboards until sated with condescension.

'Pack where you been man .. you ain't as prolific lately .. what's occurring with the name change as well ..  

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... taking a swig each out of that same one bottle of Pla Ra sauce - will easily take anybody's mind off the problems around you!  


even cheaper, to simply cut out the middleman! 404.thumb.JPG.52b592961a0b7a82e8e397f9b2f38a98.JPG


a Lake Srindorn Live pickled shrimp - fresh and wriggly, out of the riskiest waters in the area!  

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3 hours ago, saakura said:

"His family is subsisting on basic foods like fermented fish sauce just to stay alive"


Nonsense, you can't survive by drinking bottles of Nam Plaa.

they eat it together with rice

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