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DDC says two virus cases found in Japan might have originated in Thailand

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These cases along with news reports in Italy as well as at least one other country highlight how widespread the Virus just might be here in Thailand but without testing here no one will ever know.  If

Impossible. Thailand COVID free.    Prayut say. Him good people. Rich. Thai.

that just shows how good/reliable the tests are here.... quite sure the virus is around and many asymptomatic people don't know they have it, sooner or later Thailand will discover/face the reality, a

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I am more surprised, that they were even able to travel from Thailand to Japan in July, when many others claim to be stranded here. Did they both quarantine 14 days when arriving in Thailand, or could they by any chance both have brought the virus with them from Japan?

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7 minutes ago, DoctorG said:

I think this is true of NZ too. 102 days without a recorded positive and they now have 4 cases. It shows that the virus is around with very many asymptomatic  people just going about their business, until they encounter somebody with a low tolerance.

100% true. It is here to stay until there is a vaccine. I hope Thailand doesn't do the panic buying stuff that New Zealand is going through, that will be a disaster for people who live day to day and week to week...

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3 minutes ago, Bender Rodriguez said:

strange story to come home for a few days on a "construction" worker "visa" ?

Is he asymptomatic? I hope Thailand don't have an outbreak and are not testing enough to pick up on it, or even worse they try to cover it up, it spreads so fast as we all know very well by now.

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