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Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask.


I left school without any GCSEs at all, and now I want to catch up in a friendly country with low costs of living. What is the best way to go about this? Would I need A levels to take higher education in Thailand?


Where are the cheapest courses?

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The details might differ from university to university, but afaik in any case you need to have completed high school (or equivalent, so about 12 years of schooling), to be allowed to study at a university and you also need to prove your English skills (for example a TOEFL certificate in case you are not a native speaker).

Depending on the university and the subject you might have to pass an admissions exams which would span the common subjects taught in school.

This would then qualify you to study an "international program", costs start at about 30k per semester (usually maybe 50 or 60k, but certain programs cost 100k+)

If you happen to be fluent in Thai (able to speak, read, write), then you could also enroll in a Thai program, which can be much cheaper.


If you just want to sign up at a non-formal school (for example a one year Thai language program at a language school), then there are no specific requirements.


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