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Case of infected Thai man in Japan yet to be confirmed

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35 minutes ago, webfact said:

Anutin also mentioned that a couple of Thai institutions were working with Oxford University and pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom to develop a vaccine.

this is his foolish version of progress, never mind that the thaai companies clean the floors; more talk over results

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Thai rhymes with lie, that should be enough for most people, however I see nothing about a Thai tie in, only an Indian company and Astra Zenica who have both signed up for a billion doses each. Let's all cross our fingers and hope Anutin doesn't mean they are supplying the transport.

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55 minutes ago, sotsira said:

No, Vaccines are tested on uninfected people to make them immune.

Preferably people that don't have functioning immune systems one could assume? :thumbsup:


I always thought that before a vaccine that had to be no other cure, the way the media shushes up any news of a cure that is touted by many, many Doctors that Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine both work as a cure, you would think that they are trying to force this vaccine upon us?

They wouldn't do that would they 😂

Least we still have our Freedom! 

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