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Probe finds deep flaws in ‘Boss’ investigation; police chief urges drugs, speeding charges

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Riddled with flaws .!  Should that not be fiddled with laws ...

So he gets fined for drug use and a bit if speeding.  Thats it, all finushed and he is free. How about all the other charges ?

Well, well, well, what do we have here.  Is this the bomb that will sink "Boss" Red Bull, as well as all of those who were on the take and received there brown envelopes.  When there are to many finge

I really find it disturbing that a police chief comes out and declares that Boss should be charged with drug taking do they not give a $#IT that one of there own policemen was brutally killed by a drunk cocaine rich kid who dragged this poor policeman’s body under his car without a care of the world and continued to drive home . justice is not a word in the police vocabulary but had this been caused by a drunk cocaine farang no they would have been hunted down and charged with murder.

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4 minutes ago, bander said:

If you call brown envelope "flaws" well yes there was many big flaws in this case.

But Envelope manufacturing is big business in Thailand .... I may have to invest


Seethong 555 Co., Ltd., 

The leader of envelope manufacturers


under the brand “555” in Thailand.  For 80 years of experience

we have been dedicated to manufacture and distribute the high-quality envelopes. As one of the key player in this field, we are specializes in standard envelopes which are vary more than 120 types, 

such as White Envelopes, Government Envelopes, Window Envelopes, Color Envelopes, Open End Envelopes and also Special Open Envelopes etc., which are here waiting for your selection.


Looks like an envelope for every occasion


So if a brown envelope flaw, they didn’t buy their envelope from here 😉


Why m must choose "555"



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47 minutes ago, paul1804 said:

Let’s hope Thailand’s leaders do the right thing and in a transparent way. 

Just saw a pig fly past my window!

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Despite all this corruption, ineptness, etc, etc, we all still live in Thailand, and in fact, like it better than other countries.

So, have to recognize and appreciate Thailand with all its good bad and ugly. Better for you own mood, mental and emotional well-being.....

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17 hours ago, Mavideol said:

with all the "new" findings they only charge him with speeding and drug use, No homicide ? No drug dealing? so then founded flaws don't account for anything, too much of the same same

I don't think "drug dealing" was ever on the cards - under the influence of drugs yes as there were substances in his system to indicate that, but I don't think "Boss" would need to sell drugs to make money!!!

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The 11 suspended officers will probably get hit harder than "Boss", who now seems destined to get off with a drugs use charge (probably a fine as he is a first offender - meaning the first time he's been caught!) and a speeding fine, which will probably be peanuts compared to his wealth.


And any "possible" jail sentence will no doubt be suspended because of his previous good unblemished record!


And the most important thing - the wishes of the PM have been met as he was reported as not being happy with the adverse publicity surrounding the case, which was being covered worldwide (thanks to modern technology and the internet which was another thing invented by those "dirty unwashed farangs")


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I  hope  this is another nail i9nthe  coffin of the  now  currupt  Government  from top to  ass 


Rise up  people   Viva   Viva  Revolution  for  real  democracy 


Surely   the   members  of the normal  army  will  join in the revolution   against  the  corrupt   Top brass  millionairs 


Go Buddha   go 

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