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Probe finds deep flaws in ‘Boss’ investigation; police chief urges drugs, speeding charges

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On 8/13/2020 at 8:17 PM, ThailandRyan said:

Well, well, well, what do we have here.  Is this the bomb that will sink "Boss" Red Bull, as well as all of those who were on the take and received there brown envelopes.  When there are to many fingers in the pot then there are sure to be screw-ups and evidence of malfeasance to be found.  I will bet that all those involved were pre-warned before this ticking time bomb hit the news and are scurrying for a deep dark hole to hide in.  


A proper investigation needs to be done on all cases, no matter if they are willing to bribe someone.  Prosecute the dookie out of them and then let them pay there fines and bribes to stay out of jail.  RTP do your stinking  job the right way.


I can only hope that what truly needs to be done is done, but then actions speak louder than words as this is Thailand.  I guess when it also hit the news wires in the US and the rest of the world the pressure became to great.  CNN did a good piece, and I can not stand the Communist News Network.

Anyone found to have been involved in bribe of any kind must be put on trial and this includes those offering the bribe.


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Riddled with flaws .!  Should that not be fiddled with laws ...

So he gets fined for drug use and a bit if speeding.  Thats it, all finushed and he is free. How about all the other charges ?

Well, well, well, what do we have here.  Is this the bomb that will sink "Boss" Red Bull, as well as all of those who were on the take and received there brown envelopes.  When there are to many finge

On 8/13/2020 at 10:04 PM, ChipButty said:

He's never coming back now, I think they should throw a few more charges in there like perverting the coarse of justice, accepting bribes 

He might never come back, but those involved in bribes including his parents are still in Thailand and they should all have to answer for this crime alone.

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14 hours ago, pedro01 said:

Unless they actually find those where bribed, nobody is going to believe any of these fake probes. 


Every Thai knows what happened. These white washing attempts are making it worse. 

Investigate the finances of everyone involved with the case, something will show up. With the Koh Tao case, the replacement head cop retired some time after and he and his wife were seen to have money and shares far above his earning capacity as a policeman, but no one seems to have noticed.


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10 hours ago, karunasup said:

Despite all this corruption, ineptness, etc, etc, we all still live in Thailand, and in fact, like it better than other countries.

So, have to recognize and appreciate Thailand with all its good bad and ugly. Better for you own mood, mental and emotional well-being.....

Think what a Utophia Thailnd would be with a decent, honest well trained police force rather than the "keystone cops outfit" it has to put up with now.

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On 8/14/2020 at 12:15 AM, PatOngo said:

After eight years does'nt just emphasize what a bunch of crooked fools they are! Hang your heads in absolute shame, all those grubs involved!

Does the PM know about the corruption in the police? I'm sure he would get to the bottom of this if he finds out. 

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On 8/13/2020 at 7:21 PM, mark131v said:

Even at this stage years down the line it stinks!!


The lying hypocrites in charge have shown zero honesty, integrity or ability, in short the whole organisation from top down has shown the world and their own people they are unfit for purpose


Unfortunately all they have done is confirm what everybody already knew and as such nothing will change 


All the fantasists and junta huggers should hang their heads in shame, end corruption, bring happiness to the people you say!! lies all lies, snafu...

what happened to the oldies who were caught having a nice sedate GAME OF BRIDGE?????

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There are many things not or wrongly investigated. But it all doesn`t matter. The guy hit a motorcycle and ran after this. There is no additional evidence needed, at least that is an established fact. Is it not a crime to be involved in an accident where one person dies and than flee??? And dragging the body of the victim along while driving away???


That for itself should have led to detention.


Alcohol or drugs, speeding, and even how the accident exactly happened and who is to blame, these are only details to produce additional charges, but it would already have been good to charge him with fleeing the scene. There is not much needed: 1. Did he realize he was hitting a person? Yes for sure, the impact damage on his car was huge. 2. Did he wait at the scene and try helping the injured, calling police and ambulance? No, he ran. That is already enough in a country ruled by laws.

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