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Thai Meat Is Free of COVID-19

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3 hours ago, Heppinger said:

To get a virus doesn't it have to be injected into you? from a mosquito or a drug addict holding up a 7/11 with a syringe?

It can be sneezed into your face or you can pick it up from a surface it might stay viable on for a while.

Some viruses die on air contact and some can stay active for a while outside the host body.

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Lot of ignorance shown here. Yes virus can only replicate inside a living organism, but they can survive for variable periods of time outside of a living organism. Different viruses can survive for different periods of time - certainly Coronavirus can survive more than 24 hours in some conditions - and most viruses can stay viable for long periods (probably years) if frozen under the right conditions.


Meat packing plants, sandwich production lines have seen some major outbreaks among workers there. Cool, humid conditions are usually good for viral survival, so contamination is possible. Risks probably low, but not non-existent.

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