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So where are the honorary consuls and what services can they perform?

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On 9/19/2020 at 3:26 PM, Greenhill said:

Names and contact details would be even more valuable than the many words above.    Why the secrecy?

No secrecy - we weren't asked for names and contact information, we were asked what they do and where they are. It's a fair request, though, and we will share them. Just confirming final details. 

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I have only just discovered this British Consulate section and I must say I'm impressed, very impressed.  What a innovative idea, I congratulate whoever at the Consulate decided to do this and Thaivisa.  


Presumably honorary consular services only apply to emergencies and not to get letters, legalized documents, etc which I'm guessing must be done at the Embassy in Bangkok.  Would be great if this could be offered, especially in this day and age with covid travel worries.



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What is claimed in the OP is untrue. The Hon. Consuls were prevented by the BE providing any form of consular assistance which if required now has to be requested from the Embassy/Consulate in Bangkok --

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