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Pattaya: Transport is in a mess and 80% agree with monorail scheme set to start in 2024

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Pattaya: Transport is in a mess and 80% agree with monorail scheme set to start in 2024



Image: INN


A public hearing in Pattaya was told that 80% of residents agree with plans to build a monorail to alleviate the resort's dire traffic and transport problems. 


The monorail would meet the proposed High Speed train at the station to the east of Sukhumvit Road. It would then travel along the motorway and along Sukhumvit before heading towards the sea. 


It would then be built along Sai 2 road and wind up at Bali Hai port. 


There would be around 13 stations spaced 650-700 meters apart. Building is expected to start in 2024.


The latest hearing was the third of its kind and was designed to gauge public opinion and assess environmental impacts. 



Image: INN


A proponent of the monorail Pongthawee Lertmanyawit said that 80% of Pattayans agreed that the scheme was good and were in favor of proceeding. 


City Hall deputy official Kiatsak Sriwongchai who chaired the meeting said that the huge growth of Pattaya as both a tourism and economic center had brought dire traffic problems.


These highlighted the need for improved public transport provision and improved systems for private cars. 


Source: INN




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I don't get this.... does this suggest all those who were previously blocking the Pattaya streets will get out of their cars and use this monorail? Also that tourists will no longer need the baht bus

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