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TAT: Thai tourism is "seriously wounded" - 2020 needs the "5 R's"

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They forgot the most important one: REOPEN.

How about.  1. Remove 1st covid19 test 2. Remove fit to fly certificate  3. Remove the requirement to get the Embassy to sign the fit to fly certificate  4. Remove the US%100k insu

Let me see :   1) Rooting 2) Rogering 3) Rimming 4) Runting 5) Romping   Not so easy in quarantine though.    

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I've heard the phrase 'he's the type who swallowed a dictionary', but I think the lady pictured swallowed a thesaurus. Either that or they let a management consultant loose!

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The only R‘s you need to worry about are Restriction and Rubbish. 

Lift the first and stop spouting  the second and people may come back. 

Anything else is just a waste of breath. 

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1 hour ago, Hayduke said:


They should….


Rebuild - Up the quarantine period to 30 days…


Rebalance – By announcing a new TAT officially approved ‘Virtual Thailand’ package promotion….


Refresh - Transport millions of arriving tourists to their officially approved quarantine hotels….


Reboot - Give everyone 30 officially approved ‘Virtual Thailand’ DVDs to watch while in quarantine….


Rebound - After 30 days take everyone back to the airport for deportation. Count the money.


Can't miss.




As an added bonus, Reopen your wallet-  Heaven forbid you come, but reopen your wallet and just send money.

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1 hour ago, ezzra said:

The understatement of the year, people at TAT are getting paid to state the obvious and come up with catchy slogans to woo non existent imaginary tourist...

A bit like religion... 😉   

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The article seems to be a bit out of date........."But she expressed some optimism that June and July would see a rise in domestic tourism." It would appear to be August now, or is she referring to next year???

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