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Thailand to allow long-stay tourists in island of Phuket from October

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And how exactly are tourists going to get there? Will they start to issue tourist visas again? Flights?

But perhaps a way for stranded expats to come back, if anything at all.

There is so much negativity on TVF that you aren't seeing the big picture. Assuming that this goes ahead, and it likely will, it'll be taken up by thousands and thousands of people. And yes, details w

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6 minutes ago, Sujo said:

And the other half in quarantine in their home country. There is you 4 week holiday gone.


I will pass.

I can’t find words for fooling and idiot thinking and management there. why don’t you make a rule everybody should remain in their home country just send your money for us to Thailand. The brainlessness and greediness can lead to a big fall please remember!

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Perhaps Thailand finally gets what was missing here anyway - all inclusive resorts. I understand that "all inclusive" can be a little bit problematic here... 

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Tourists will have to stay for at least 30 days, with the first 14 days in quarantine in a limited vicinity of their hotel, before they can visit other areas

Other areas of Phuket or Thailand? After 30 days can you travel within Thailand?



Visitors will have to take an additional test and remain within the province for another week before they can travel to other parts of the country.

Who are said visitors? tourists or someone visiting tourists?


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