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Bangkok, private 1-on-1 Thai classes - No ED visa needed

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I've made the decision that I need to make a serious effort learning Thai. I've actually done some of my own research but I'm looking to see whether anyone recommends the same ones I have already found...


I'm looking for something regular (1 hour per day, 3-4 days per week). I live in the Sukhumvit area and would prefer the option to take lessons at home because I also work from home.


I've been living in Thailand for over a year and still don't speak any Thai which I also see as a good thing as I haven't picked up any bad habits, so I need to start from complete scratch (the ABCs)!


I'm interested in writing (or the ability to at least recognise signs/menus at first) as well as speaking (of course).


I have a work permit so I'm not limited to the ED visa options.


Most of the Thai I will use in the future will be in an informal context and it seems to be that a lot programs only teach formal Thai which isn't used in everyday language by locals.


Many thanks,


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My two cents: any native thai can teach you the basics as well as any other... No need to resort to an expensive, well-known school or teacher, at least for the first few months.

As for learning how to read, the first and most important step of that is memorizing and internalizing the alphabet and the class each letter belong to, that takes a good month or two if you're dedicated and a teacher won't be of much help for that. I suggest getting the app "Learn Thai From a White Guy" and learning that on there, it's made in a very clear way.

Just some tips from experience to save you some Baht.

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Thanks @Seik, I appreciate it! I bought that course and I just didn't get on with it for some reason. I struggle with self learning unless it really interests me and learning Thai doesn't "interest" me as such but I find that I am needing it more and more as I am making Thailand my permanent home. I need that accountability you get with taking a class and I have the tendency to ask too many questions when I don't understand something and I would prefer to ask the tutor direct than go to a forum, etc!

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6 minutes ago, Chris4466 said:

I bought that course and I just didn't get on with it for some reason.

To be clear, I am not talking about the paid course, but the free app. It is very straight-forward, far more than the course in fact, as it's only centered around the alphabet.
But I understand your point in any case, a teacher will be highly beneficial for certain, just make sure you don't pay 800 b per hour for learning the basic ass stuff is my point lol.

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I have been to many Thai schools and see their curriculum, they stress on two things.


1. Formal Thai

2. Written language


They won't teach informal Thai unless you have a private teacher and request one.

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