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US Embassy offers high-schoolers lessons on financial literacy

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US Embassy offers high-schoolers lessons on financial literacy

By The Nation




The US Embassy in Bangkok, in collaboration with the Foundation of Consumers, will launch a new financial literacy programme for students in 30 high school across Thailand on Friday (August 28).


The project aims to lay a strong, early foundation of good financial habits, so youngsters can avoid mistakes that can lead to financial hardship. The curriculum also addresses consumer rights, sources of income, financial planning, financial threat awareness and debt.


The programme team has also produced a short video promoting financial literacy among young people, which will be aired across the country via both traditional and digital media.


For more information, visit:











-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-08-27
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I wonder how much the embassy is paying into this and what schools and who at those schools get to benefit from this program. My guess is it will be directed at the top classes at those schools rather than all students. The weaker students are the ones who need this type of education most. The top students already get treated better and will throughout life. Poor people are the ones who need basic education on balancing their budget, saving and investments.


Anyways, I think Thailand can afford to pay and run this. Students in the US need the same basic financial education in their schools. I doubt they are getting it. The US should pay attention to them before going around the world.

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