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This place is becoming like a ghost town

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I have just been walking around CM in the last few days and it was staggering as to how many businesses were closed . On any given street about half the businesses were closed and in some places,

Continuing to keep the people and businesses in a virus lockdown mode has to stop.    Give people the option to continue with their living and livelihood...this lockdown is causing more harm

Everyone can see now that the knee-jerk reactions to a bad cold are now much more harmful than the virus ever was.

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6 minutes ago, dabhand said:

Thought that was next weekend.

You are correct!

The Mrs thought that it was this weekend as the CM "Local Food Festival" is happening

now at Annusarn market.

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8 minutes ago, CorpusChristie said:

What would she do to me, if I dared to make that comment to her ?

Call an ambulance for you!

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37 minutes ago, SteveK said:

Realistically, because Thailand is so dependent on international tourism, they should have looked to see what other countries were doing and imposed a more relaxed version to allow some people into the country to keep things ticking over. So they do the exact opposite, relentlessly chasing a figure of zero for some reason, and have destroyed the lives of so many in the process. 

if Thailand should look at what other countries are doing would Australia be a good example

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1 hour ago, CorpusChristie said:

Its now quite difficult to find somewhere to eat as not many places are still open .

Time to consider taking up cooking.

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33 minutes ago, fangless said:

Remember this is an extended holiday weekend (ex Songkran) so lots of locals out and about.

just going to ask next week lotto numbers, but many guys for more fast!

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