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It's Getting Worse...More Shops Closing Down

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By your estimates Pattaya could take another 20-30% before reaching 100% closure. 

No. We acknowledge that Thais have money but generally have better things to spend it on. For example, Thai families will often go to more expensive restaurants but of a different type. They would

While it's tragic for those that put their life into businesses that cater exclusively for farang tourists, nature always punishes those that are oblivious to threats to a certain way of life. Pa

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14 minutes ago, Poet said:

In the context of businesses being able to remain open, he clearly meant "no tourists with money".

Yup. That's the reason that Thais can't be tourists: we don't allow that any Thais have money.


14 minutes ago, Poet said:

Domestic tourists clearly have different tastes and levels of expenditure. Businesses that have evolved over many years to appeal to foreign tastes do not do so well with Thai tourists.

Yup. Businesses that have evolved over many years, or fewer, to appeal to Thai tastes, or to foreign as well as Thai, do well with Thai tourists and some foreigners still here for whatever reason.


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9 minutes ago, warcy said:

As long as the government fellows still get their salaries paid every month to their bank accounts, this situation of business closing is ignored.

No. They weekly come out with a new scheme for opening up the country.


11 minutes ago, warcy said:

After all, the domestic tourism can prop them up, implies the government.

Seems generally helpful, actually. You may be confusing spending with revenue generated, a common mistake here.

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