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Australia to provide “hardship loans” to its stranded citizens in Cambodia

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Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has announced today it will provide “interest free hardship loans” for its citizens stranded overseas who meet an eligibility test and require financial assistance while they wait to return to Australia. Those who are eligible will be able to apply for a one-off repayable loan to help with living expenses. Individuals will be able to borrow up to AUD$2,000 ($1,469) while families will be able to apply for loans worth up to AUD$5,000 ($3,673).


Australian citizens will also be able to apply for a one-off loan of up to $2,000 to help cover the cost of an economy class flight home. Applicants will have to meet strict eligibility criteria to access a loan, and only the most vulnerable Australian citizens still overseas will be provided financial assistance. All loans must be repaid upon return to Australia.


To access the loans all reasonable efforts must have been made to seek financial assistance through other means such as insurance policies, credit cards, family and friends. Speaking to Khmer Times the Australian Embassy said, “As per the Department of Foreign Affairs media release, financial support for vulnerable Australian citizens trying to return home from Cambodia is available.”


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50759989/australia-to-provide-hardship-loans-to-its-stranded-citizens-in-cambodia/

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Gee, I am gobsmacked by the generosity. Probably last 1 - 2 months, then has to be paid back.

Meantime, consular staff in Cambodia and Thailand are suffering. The usual round of diplomatic lunches and dinners have been curtailed.

Calling in the RAAF to get them home is just too hard, obviously.

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23 hours ago, geriatrickid said:

irresponsible old men of questionable morals 


Why would you assume they are old men? Maybe you are thinking of Thailand.

Most of the old men I see in Cambodia are lost souls just waiting it out.


Don't old Australian men get a pension.  No need to get hardship money.

They would be better off staying in Cambodia especially if they do not own a home in Australia. It may be difficult to find a rental there as so many others have returned already.

They would n't want to move into an aged care center as that is where the majority of deaths are. 59  today in  just one state.



Then there are the locals    https://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/elderly-man-dies-after-senseless-bashing-outside-perth-home/news-story/d7f274bbfd16ecaa05277483fd89cd9b

An elderly pensioner who was brutally bashed and allegedly slashed with a broken car mirror after he investigated a disturbance outside his home has died in a Perth hospital.

Emiliano Lombardi, 84, was attacked on the lawn of his East Cannington home on August 16 and had spent the past fortnight at Royal Perth Hospital.

The grandfather was taken out of the intensive care unit last week but he died overnight.


Also anyone returning now has to pay for two weeks quarantine in a hotel AUD$3,000

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On 9/3/2020 at 10:56 AM, geriatrickid said:

Were there not multiple warnings to  repatriate to Australia before flights were suspended?

Did the Australian government not facilitate flights out of  Cambodia months ago?

Did the taxpayers of Australia oblige any of these cash strapped  people to relocate to  Cambodia and/or to stay there?

Why shouldn't the Australian expats who chose to remain in Cambodia not be responsible for their own travel expenses?


In respect to your snide remark about the  DFAT personnel, it is a reduced staff. A state of emergency is in effect and this impacts their ability to function.  The remaining personnel ave been working long hours responding to multiple crises of Australian nationals. How many diplomatic lunches and dinners do you think there are in Cambodia? Do you seriously believe that the personnel are out whooping it up?  The luncheons are not lavish affairs and are intended to promote Australian business and diplomatic interests. They are often dull and boring for the  diplomatic staff. Rotary Club luncheons are excruciating events to sit through.

You are probably unaware, but Australian diplomats were directed  en masse for a long time to  do whatever it took to find PPE  and medicines in short supply. You literally had personnel trying to protect the  loss of masks at airports and being threatened with physical harm. That's the stuff people are unaware of. It's easier to  accuse the  personnel of partying  than to hold the irresponsible old men of questionable morals  got themselves stranded, responsible.

More top work from DFAT


More than 2,700 Australians stranded overseas have had their personal email addresses shared with strangers, in an email fail by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Key points:

  • More than 1,000 stranded Aussies have had their email addresses shared with strangers
  • DFAT has acknowledged and apologised for the error and asked people to delete the email
  • The department says it is taking measures to ensure the error is not repeated

The department has scrambled to try and fix the error, recalling the original email that included the addresses and admitting the fault. It also asked the recipients to delete it.

"We request your assistance in immediately deleting that email from your IT system and refraining from any further forwarding of the email, to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned," the department wrote.

It also tweeted an apology for the error on Wednesday night, saying "no other personal information was disclosed".





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