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TV repairs at Amorn

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Had the usual hit and miss over the years with local shops repairing electronic goods.

A couple of weeks ago my wife to a large screen Panasonic plasma TV to be repaired.

The guy said he'd phone her in a couple of days. He didn't give her a receipt for the TV or his phone number, which worried me a little.

Eventually after nearly a week he did call, saying he couldn't fix it, but suggested another shop which could. We couldn't find the 'other shop', so went back to collect the TV anyway.

He suggested my wfe try Amorn.

I thought that was rubbish as Amorn only sell components and some electronic goods.

Anyway, we had the TV in the car, so went to have a look in case there was a repair shop near Amorn.

I was surprised to discover it was Amorn itself. At the rear of the shop (this is the Udon Thani branch) they have a service department.

How professional they are too. Printed receipt for the TV - model, serial number, along with all my wife's details (from her ID card). The receipt said to advise first if the cost was going to be more than 3,500 Baht.

About four hours after dropping it off, Amorn phoned to say they had fixed it and to collect it the next day. The cost was 2,500 Baht.

Collected it, the guy said they had replaced the main board.

Are others aware that Amorn offer a repair service? I was very impressed.

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