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US embassy affirmation to marry

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Hey guys and gals.....looking around on the embassy website it looks they might be open for the affirmation if you make an appointment? Has anyone done one? USA embassy

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Haha, I submitted a thread previously on this subject without any answers.

The consulate here in Chiang Mai said they were only accepting emergency appointments. And, despite what the teerak tells me, this is not an emergency!

So I went to my home county in the USA and asked for them to research my records and return a report. Then after I got it, I had it translated.

Great, but the courthouse told me that they wouldn't accept that! Then the kathoy behind the counter showed me a previously completed affidavit of eligibility to marry, dated about two weeks ago!

So I send an email back to the consulate asked them "What gives?" and without explanation, sent me the link to get an appointment (which was blocked previously I guess).

Long story short, it looks like they are accepting "non-emergency" appointments to notarize affidavits of eligibility to marry.

I won't know for sure until I'm dressed in funny clothes and five monks are sitting in my house.


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I got this document from the US Embassy in Bangkok back in July, when the lockdowns were worse. I heard they've since gone back to normal appointments. CM is still doing emergency appointments?


I got an emergency appointment by saying my documents were needed for employment. You might get away with this by saying you need the certified copy of your passport for this, which you'll also need to get married anyway. Both your freedom to marry and certified passport must be translated and stamped by the MFA.


There was a guy in front of me who needed the certified passport just to open a bank acct, apparently that was enough of an emergency for them.

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This has nothing to do with the topic, sorry


But I went to US Consulate in Vancouver last week to renew my passport.


They do individual appointments by time, it was so weird being in the consulate alone



As for the wedding affadavit, when I did mine long time ago, there were agencies outside the gate

I talked to one and for a relatively decent price(i'm thinking 8k) they did everything to get me married

All the paperwork, I didn't need to go to foreign affairs, we skipped the line at the amphur


It was well worth the price so if you see them outside, ask them

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