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Minister reaches out to Phuket locals after panic over foreign tourist plan

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On 9/8/2020 at 10:31 AM, Ctkong said:

The locals don’t want foreign tourists coming in. They just want their money. If that is not possible, they think the government owed them their livelihoods with their claims.

This comes to mind


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4 hours ago, Expat Tom said:


So, unless the geniuses who run this country are ready to incentivize tourism, there will be NO recovery in said tourism. 

The so-called leaders of TAT and Thailand need to take a serious program of instruction in the "Art of Critical Thinking"

DUH !!!!

If only the "Art of Critical Thinking" was taught in schools the country would be better off.

But the dinosaurs at the top don't want the younger generation to able to think for themselves. Then the kids would realise PDQ what a sh!tty deal the 99% of the population have been having for decades thanks to the 1%.

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