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On 10/23/2020 at 11:46 PM, Lacessit said:

I think you are confusing me with a much younger person. I've been retired for 12 years.

No-one can plan for the black swan events you have mentioned. Having said that, IMO depending on a government pension alone when retiring to Thailand is extremely foolish. Yes, I get a government pension, but it is a part pension. I have capital back in Australia which is earning income as well. Even if it stopped paying interest entirely, it will last beyond my death.

I also have the ability to adjust my current rate of expenditure downwards, others don't have that luxury.

I spent six months researching various countries before settling on Thailand as my retirement destination. Permit me to doubt a majority of people take that long.


I think many are missing the point here - Yes I agree one has to plan - I have a occupational pension - and will (hopefully) someday have a state pension as well as investments (well I will have when I get back into the market). So the state pension being the bonus - The OBVIOUS point here is the fact that this "non-uprating" rule actually exists, and many are basically being seen off.  Now one can be smug about their own personal circumstances and their fantastic planning abilities, but again, thats not the point here. As mentioned, folk have paid tax all their working lives. Indeed many on this forum may have paid very high levels of tax and now have lost some of the benefit of that, whilst seeing others who have (shall we say) a lesser work history continue to get the benefit of state pension up-rating, (as well as all the other benefits - Pension Credit, NHS etc). Its a matter of fairness in my opinion.

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On 10/27/2020 at 9:53 AM, theoldgit said:

it is outside of the remit of Consular staff to make representations to the British government to end frozen pensions


This particular statement IMHO illustrates perfectly the frustrations which many of us experience in our dealings with the collective HMG machine. There is  no-one in HMG who is prepared to fight our corner in the same way as in the case of various vested groups back in the UK. Things have, I think, been excacerbated by the concept of "joined-up government", which the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Prescott were enthusiatically espousing 10-20 years ago, having now been effectively ditched by their successors, with each component part of HMG (in particular the Embassy, IPC and HMPO in our case) now seemingly operating under strict instructions to focus exclusively on the responsibilities of its own particular silo, with blinkers firmly fixed so as to avoid the possibility of their focus being diverted into areas which do not fall within their purview.

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I can recall the times this has been mentioned through the years on Thai Visa

plus the surveys and if I recall years ago there was a  petition where you put your name on to the British Government requesting the frozen pensions were lifted for retirees in Thailand 

Flogging a dead horse seems to be the answer as its not going to happen

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