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bert bloggs

Will the future be very bad or fabulous?

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1 hour ago, bkk6060 said:

Well, in the 60's and 70's sexual revolution, drug use, hippies and rock and roll the older adults thought there was no future the world was a big failure coming to an end.

Now, many of those hippies have had successful lives and are very wealthy.

So who knows, but interesting how people/society over the years find a way to figure things out.


Wow in those days i thought the world was going to be a great place ,so much optomism  ,and so much freedom of thought ,,but now those freedoms seem to be coming to an end ,its as if we are not going to be allowed to much freedom of anything ,

Also what Brunolem said seems to be coming true ,not sure about the war ,but yes with idiots like Kimmy with their finger on the button it could happen ,also i fear far far more religious problems are on the horizen ,also far from there being more food ,many of the less developed nations are having problems producing anywhere near enough ,and that will be a very large problem.

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Indeed it  will ! Not qualified to give an opinion as to the state or longevity of but it will .

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