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electrical panel box? house + swimming pool

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The OP would benefit to go see a LICENSED electrical contractor in his province. Who has residential references and a copy of his license. In 2008 I paid a licensed electrical contractor in Buriram to provide power poles, cables, 3 phase transformer, etc.  That licensed electrical contractor worked with my home designer, and the not so licensed electricians who were working days for the electrical contractor building the Buriram BigC.  I was able to see homes done by both teams. I was able to speak with home owners and see their Schneider electrical panels. The home builder in my case WAS NOT a certified electrician, so he had nothing to do with electrical choices and nothing to do with electrical installations. Frankly I see first hand "builders" who have little to no real electrical knowledge go and try to do the electrics in a home which often leads to trouble. Wrong size main feed cables, wrong size cables from load center to hot water heaters, the list goes on and on. But a licensed electrical contractor can eliminate these problems. I saved the booklet submitted by my licensed electrical contractor to the PEA office in Satuk for the approval of 3 phase power to my home. I show that document to folks who have electrical questions in Buriram.   Buriram Home with 3 phase electrical Transformer

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Thank You

PEA(yes for free) will inspect everything before payment to electritain 

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