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How to record from internet TV - Do they still sell DVR"s?

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I have internet TV but there is a 12 hour time difference between Thailand and the USA so I watch mostly on Catch Up.  Recently certain channels no longer have Catch Up.  Is there a device that you can program to record channels at specific times.  In the USA they use to sell DVR's  there was a company called TIVO that specialized in them and many cable/satellite companies provided the DVR boxes as part of their service.  Does anyone know how you can program a device to record internet TV and where such a device is sold? 

TiVo launches new streaming network

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20 hours ago, RichCor said:

I personally recommend "Sick Chill" along with "qBittorent" to schedule and automatically grab want you aren't already watching live. 


Sick Chill is a great little program.


Here are the installation and configuration guides which will help you with the setup, and discover all its cool features.

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