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Pattaya: Mayor promises "Beauty, Order and Convenience" as Beach Road makeover takes shape

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aah the good old days when there was plenty of shade/seating and grassed banking where thai families could eat together...apart from a little renovation it was a joy....now after spending millions of

"greened"   then why do they keep cutting down the old large shade trees and replacing them with puny palm trees that have no root system to hold the soil together and offer very little shade  

Not sure this is what tourists want who frequent Pattaya?   More and more destinations are becoming soulless without any vibrancy and the feeling of being alive.     The word #orde

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22 hours ago, webfact said:

Pattaya's strongarm mayor Sontaya Khunpluem is determined to make Pattaya a beautiful place for tourists and residents of all ages and descriptions. 

:cheesy: x a million.


Every project that was created by city hall ( Third Road, sewage plant by Walking Street, marina, car park building by Bali Hi, beach walkway ) has been a disaster for Pattaya. Even the ones they didn't create but allowed were disasters like the derelict building near Bali Hi, and turning the promenade to the lighthouse into a boat park.

I don't expect anything to change.

To use the well worn phrase- can't turn a pigs ear into a silk purse.

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5 hours ago, kg1947 said:

1/ Get rid of Motobike for RENT occupying the street and preventing tourists from parking along the Beach Rd. 

2/ Add more garbage containers, keep them clean, empty them 3x /day instead of 1x /day plus 2nd full shift of street & sidewalk cleaners .

3/ Stop vendors from driving their motobike on the walkway / foot path .

4/ Keep a tow truck & ready to haul away any vehicle that misuse the road .

5/ Uniformed patrol must " ENFORCE the LAW "  .....

Some of us know that all the things you don't like are part of the rich fabric of Thailand which is why we prefer Thailand to the <deleted> country we left. One wonders .......................................................?


I prefer LOS with rent bikes occupying pavements to the PC over regulated place I call "home".


Tourists don't normally have cars anyway so it doesn't affect them.


BTW, I'd ban private cars altogether, which would fix the parking problem.

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5 hours ago, waders123 said:

Consider a overhead tram along Beach Road in Pattaya.  Pedestrians area only below the tram.   Convert the existing Beach Road into a long grassed park that is well lighted and open.  Folks can picnic and walk the Beach Road strip as well as take the overhead tram.  It could benefit the locals, (business and public alike), the tourists would love it.  With a little imagination the area could be a visually pleasing and desirable destination to enjoy your day.  

That's not Pattaya, that's Utopia. I doubt that happens anywhere, but I'll accept photos as evidence it does.

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9 hours ago, fraggleRock said:

Well considering they cant even make a straigh pathway without snapping your ankles, I would not hold out... never seen a single wheelchair user in 12 years of living all over Thailand, mainly Bangkok...

A friend of mine from the UK, someone I was at school with, had polio as a young child and was crippled. Later in life he went on to travel the world in a wheelchair and, among other things, he was able to go on the Great Wall of China. He also visited Bangkok, and said it was by far the worst place he had ever been for wheelchair users.

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7 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

BTW, I'd ban private cars altogether, which would fix the parking problem.

The parking problem is caused by the serried rows of scooters not cars.

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