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ANDROID Note taking & retrieve by verbal command

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The goal to take a note with the least possible clicks/verbal commands

example : from a meeting you need to remember just two keywords 

variable relativity

Command ; take note  

Android replies= what's the note?

Command= variable relativity


Note is taken but how can it be retrieved with one short command?

Ideally, without having to dictate where to save and from where to retrieve.

That should be all stipulated by the opening Command NOTE





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What you want is a dedicated voice recorder. Unfortunately you're very unlikely to find an 'app' replicating this function (to your specifications) on a multi-function smartphone. 


Some alternatives:

  • Home Automation devices like Alexa or Google Home, Google Assistant
  • ...maybe Samsung Smart Assistant Bixby?
  • Network Radio (ready) smartphone, has physical activation buttons assignable to 'tasks'
  • Voice Recorder app, can playback or even email the recordings
  • Google Keep app, synchronized Notes and Lists (also voice notes)


Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby require longer word string 'commands'

Network Radios are smartphones running voice message packet software (zello) to send quick walkie-talkie like voice messages to other users (can be stored and forwarded).

Voice Recorder or Google Keep can instantly take recordings (but not using a voice command)


You might also try Google Searching


Android verbal note taking app


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RichCor, you're a treasure trove of substantive IT Knowhow!

Your response is providing the basis for how to set up a pronounciation training. 

Take this youtube sample of Rich Man Poor Man by Irvin Shaw

Perfectly spoken, very slowly and equally suited to practice writing 



The concept could be like;

Listen in short segments to parts of the sample.

SHORT so that nuances are caught.


_ record your own voice

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Whatever tool, gadget helps to reach the goal, is worth my money. Youtube Premium to avoid any distraction from the goal is one example.

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