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Amnesty 80% likely to be extended - Immigration Officer Phuket Today

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"i felt a great disturbance in the force.. as if 1000s of tourists who'd paid off an agent suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced"    

Oh, its as official as possible. They were just waiting for me to complete my 60 day extension , which I did today , before making the announcement. They really wanted my 1900 baht so now they have th

Yup it shows peoples true nature ,everyone making fun or trolling people in a situation no one could predict kinda sad what humanity turned into...   we should help and support eachoter if/w

In July Immigration advised the Cabinet to not extend the amnesty. Immigration will probably do the same this time (if the government should discuss a further extension)

If immigration would make the decision there would be no amnesty, but it's the Cabinet who decides and not immigration.

I wonder where he gets the 80% from.

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5 hours ago, OneeyedJohn said:

What kind of nonsense is that, in both phrases.

Duh, i take it you haven't spoken to Immigration, 'amnesty' IS treated as 'overstay'. 


Minus the fines.

Minus the blacklisting.

But if you need a 12 month extension and the IO wants to follow the rules, your <deleted> out of luck, if you want to move to elite and you have more than two overstays in two years, you are <deleted> out of luck.

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Amnesty is not treated as overstay - we still require a valid visa to qualify for amnesty. Any overstayers will still be fined and deported/blacklisted. I phoned the hotline to check and asked my local IO (Ubon) when I tried to do a 90 day report (which wasn’t needed as I was on a tourist visa) 

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