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44 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

Yes it would be the best and probably your only choice to get a certificate of entry.

The problem is that many embassies and official consulates will not issue a non-o visa for being 50 or over. They might be flexible if you showed proof you had already been on a extension of stay here and cannot qualify for a OA visa.

Well I hope if needed, the Consolate may be flexible, hate the thought of waiting for a CV19 vaccine to return.     

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27 minutes ago, husky said:

Probably on separate thread, but just thought I would jot this down that there are apparently plans to open up to long term tourists.

It has been discussed before on this forum and the news as well. There is some incorrect into in the articles mentioned in that article and at this time all the details are not available.

Until the US reduces the number of active covid 19 cases there it will not be on the list of countries whose citizens can enter the country.

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