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Installing extra programmes on Linux Mint 20

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First of all, a BIG THANKYOU to all who helped me to wipe clean my old laptop and install a Linux system. It took a couple of tries but it is now successfully running.

Now I want help to install an extra browser, probably Opera with its built in VPN and Avast anti-virus with its Ad-block. Again I have watched some YouTube videos and he system seems complicated, I am looking for a simple method.   

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I dual boot between Linux Mint and Feren OS (I prefer Feren). I just booted up Linux Mint and installed Opera as an exercise. It is quite simple to do.

Opera is not in the software manager so you have to do the following.


1/ Go to website "https://www.opera.com/download" and hit the download button (it should automatically detect linux).

2/ In the popup window select "Open with GDebi Package Installer (default)" and click OK.

3/ Wait until it installs, and that's it.


Regards Bill.

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