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Testosteron Testoviron/Enenthate Bayer

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3 hours ago, Sheryl said:

You had specifically asked re Pattaya.


Easiest bet would be Bangkok. try Southeast Pharmacy on Sukhumvit between Sois 13 and 15


Eagle Pharma is not  registered in Thailand nor any other country as far as I can see. There is an Eagle Pharmaceuticals registered in the US but seems to not be the same and does not  make this product. However "Eagle Pharma" are using a similar  logo to give a  misleading impression.. Actual website for "Eagle Pharma: does not give any physical address. Altogether suspect IMO.


Stick to legitimate, registered brands of this. In Thailand if you specifically want Testosterone enanthate there are 2 options:


Testoviron by Bayer (was out of stock, not sure if still is)

Depo Test 250 by Unigen


If Testosterone cypionate  is OK then another choice would be Cypionax

Travelling outside BKK, so Pattaya or Jomtien si our first stop.


Im only using legitimate registered brands, and if I can not get what I believe is original, I will get from BKK Hospital on my regular check up. 


Thank you for your help. Apreciate it very much :-)


As mentioned above, the Pakistan Bayer is available, but so far not bought it. Still got 34 weeks left on my supply, but better to research and buy in time, than to late :D


Never know before we are trapped in another covid pandemi here in Thailand and can not go anywhere. 

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