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Subs for MEDIA TV ch49 BKK

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I have a Hair TV and a PSI antenna box here in BKK. For channels 29 (Mono) and 36 (PPTV) I can easily switch between Thai language and English for movies that feature both languages by using the R/L button on my remote. To my great frustration channel 49 (MEDIA TV) and 88 (M-Channel) don't seem to offer the R/L English language. Occasionally 88 will, but the movies on 88 are 95% "B" movies and are pretty unwatchable. The movies on 49, however, are really good, but they NEVER have English Language available. Is it a matter of the station having to pay additional fees for distribution in multiple languages? Maybe they just have to program the stream for switching and have not done so? Maybe they are not paying the rights to distribute at all. I'd love to find out if they are able to add the option to the channel. I can not even find a registration contact for the channel. No FaceBook page. No website. Maybe  it's just a pirate station streamed by a college student with a huge antenna and big kahones. I doubt it because the have commercials. Any info would be appreciated. I'm not into KODI or another internet option. The TV and PSI box are included in the rent and the picture for all major local stations is superb. I appreciate your insight.


Thank you!

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