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"Samui Bubble" latest plan to rescue foreign tourism on devastated holiday island

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On 9/16/2020 at 8:17 AM, khunPer said:

The runway of Samui Airport (USM) is 2100 meters long.


A long range airplane, like B777 would need from 2,440 meter to 3,380 meter take off run at sea-level with MTOW (Max Take Off Weight). A B787 from 2,600 meter and an Airbus 330 needs 2,770 meter.


I can imagine that the length of the runway – and perhaps also weight – would limit a number of long-range destinations for direct charter flights.

Correct. Suitable only for narrow body aircraft, regional destinations. The charming terminal may lack facilities, ramp space and ground equipment to handle much else. 

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