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Visa expired, but having a work permit, told to leave the country.

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I am having two foreign staff members in my company that have work permits lasting for more than a year to go. Their visas expired two months ago during the amnesty period, with Immigration officials (in Huahin and Petchaburi) at the time saying they will be able to apply for new visas within the country just before the end of the amnesty period. 


Just a few days ago we were told that they will now need to leave Thailand, apply for a visa in another country and then will need to queue up for a flight back (which could take a few months) and ASQ (at a cost of at least 50,000 Baht) , all in all this process might take an amount of money of up to at least 90,000 Baht for each worker and any time between 1 month up to 3 months, while we need to continue paying for their salaries during this period as per labor law.


Anyone having the same problem, or better, anyone that found an alternative way out? 



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Moved to the Visa and Work permit forum


OP, There is a process just opened up to allow extension of work permits and permissions to stay for migrant workers, I do not know if same applies for workers from other countries but it may. If so, I can tell you the following:


- Imm Offices and even the Immigration hotline know almost nothing about it

- It does not see to come under Immigration, at least not for initiation. You have to go to the local Labor Office and apply there. For migrant workers at least, what then happens is you are issued an official paper extending your right to work and you then take that to Immigration and request an extension of stay -- but as of last week Imm offices had yet to receive instructions on processing these, though expected soon.


As I said, this above  for workers from neighboring countries (Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos) and I do nto know if it is the same for others, but I would suggest in case it is,  that you go to the Labor office and inquire. Don't bother with Immigration, as Labor first.

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